Updates: receive updates via RSS/ Twitter/ X/ Spotify

Annoying, often visiting sites to see if the information you are interested in, has been published already? The solutions for the Midlist site: the Midlist is the first Dutch charts site that offers all site updates automatically via RSS, Twitter/ X and Spotify!


As of May 2016, you can listen to the Midlist music on your computer or smartphone that is connected to the (mobile) internet, via music streaming service Spotify (they have an app, web client and desktop client). Currently, the following playlists are available, and the number of playlists will be extended over time:

playlist update frequency
6300 Midlist tracks 1994-2024 every Friday!
Latest Midlist Top 30 NL every Friday!
Latest Midlist countdown every Friday!

RSS/ Atom icon RSS

To receive these updates directly via RSS, you need a news reader (RSS reader) in which you subscribe on an RSS feed.

For some browsers an RSS extension is available, but you can also download and install free desktop programs as FeedReader, or use them online.

You can recognize RSS feeds by RSS/ Atom icon RSS or Atom icons in browsers and on web sites. The RSS feeds of the Midlist site are:

Twitter icon Twitter/ X

Also, if you follow @midlist on Twitter/ X, you can receive all Midlist updates directly in your Twitter timeline, in your Twitter desktop application, or in your iPhone/ Android app. More information about Twitter.