Dance Midlist, the average dance hitlist of The Netherlands


The Dance Midlist was the average dance hitlist of The Netherlands, composed out of the two Dutch national dance charts. Those dance charts were called Dance Top 40, Dance Music Mega Top 30, Mega Music Dance Top 30, Dance Trends, Mega Dance Music Top 25 and Mega Dancestore Top 25, existing until 21 December 1996 and from 11 April 1998 until 3 July 1999.
At the moment there is only one national dance hitlist by a charts organization (the Dance Top 30 by GfK Dutch Charts), so a Dance Midlist cannot be composed.
My playlists, tracklists and the dance cover/ sample list are now in the Dutch web site under "Over Rutger L".


The Dance Midlist archives from 27 November 1994 until 15 December 1996 and from 5 April 1998 until 27 June 1999. Select a Dance Midlist year and week or navigate through the archives with the "<<" and ">>" arrows:

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Also the stats of all Dance Midlist singles.


The Dance Midlist year end charts are composed out of the dance music year end charts of the Stichting Nederlandse Top 40 and the Stichting Mega Top 50.


Number 1 hits, the highest new entries, the longest listed singles, singles that reached the number-1 position twice, re-entries, number of Midlist hits by year, the fastest climbers and singles that were listed more than 10 weeks after their number-1 position.